How Long Does NSFAS Fund You? 2023

How Long Does NSFAS Fund You. If you’re contemplating applying for long-term NSFAS funding or have concerns about the duration of support NSFAS provides, this article is here to address your questions and provide clarity regarding the funding period. Nsfas status check online now.

Understanding NSFAS and Its Support Duration

NSFAS, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, plays a vital role in assisting financially disadvantaged South African students who earn less than R350,000 per year or have no income but aspire to pursue tertiary education at public universities and TVET colleges. Here, we delve into how long NSFAS will support your educational journey.

The Timeframe of NSFAS Funding

Unlike some financial aid programs, NSFAS does not have a fixed time range for funding recipients. Instead, the duration of your NSFAS support hinges on the availability of funds during the year you apply. Funding is granted based on whether the available funds can cover the required expenses for your chosen institution’s program and the length of your course.

Eligibility Period

Beneficiaries of the NSFAS scheme are eligible for support for up to five years. During the registration period and throughout your academic journey, you can receive the bursary if your course of study spans up to four years. However, if your program extends beyond five years, you’ll be responsible for covering the remaining tuition fees.

Monthly Allowances

NSFAS goes the extra mile to alleviate the financial burden for its beneficiaries. The scheme covers various academic expenses, including registration fees, accommodation, transportation, tuition fees, book allowances, living expenses, and personal care expenses. These allowances are disbursed on a monthly basis for ten months, ensuring students receive continuous financial support.

One Program at a Time

According to NSFAS regulations, students can receive funding only once they are accepted into an institution. Once your application is approved, you become eligible for NSFAS funding. However, it’s important to note that NSFAS does not fund multiple programs concurrently.

Monitoring Your NSFAS Status

NSFAS is committed to supporting your education journey unless specific conditions necessitate otherwise. To ensure you remain eligible, you must meet academic requirements by maintaining a minimum grade of 50% in your courses. You can track your NSFAS status through the MYNSFAS portal, where you’ll find information about your funding eligibility.

Education Interruptions and Funding

If you decide to defer your studies for an entire academic year, NSFAS will cease funding your education. To continue receiving NSFAS benefits, simply reapply when you’re ready to resume your course.

Exceeding the Five-Year Limit

NSFAS funding is limited to a maximum of five years. If your academic journey extends beyond this period, additional course fees will be your responsibility. However, the N+2 rule comes into play after completing a degree or qualification, allowing for further funding in certain circumstances.


Q1) How long does NSFAS fund you for undergraduate studies?

Ans:- NSFAS funding for undergraduate studies is subject to a maximum duration.

Q2) How long does NSFAS fund you for postgraduate studies?

Ans:- For master’s and doctoral degrees, NSFAS funding is limited to two years and three years, respectively.

Q3) Can I apply for NSFAS funding if I am studying at a private institution?

Ans:- No, NSFAS funding is exclusively available to South African students studying at public universities or TVET colleges.

Q4) What happens if I fail a year or repeat a course?

Ans:- If you fail a course or need to repeat it, NSFAS may provide funding for an additional year.

Q5) What are the consequences of not repaying NSFAS loans?

Ans:- Failure to repay NSFAS loans can lead to credit bureau listings and potential legal action by the government.

Q6) Can NSFAS fund you for 6 years?

Ans:- NSFAS can support you for a maximum of five years based on available funding, but you will be responsible for your education if it takes longer than five years to complete your qualification.

Q7) Can NSFAS fund you twice?

Ans:- No, a student can only receive funding for one qualification at one institution simultaneously.

Q8) How many years does NSFAS fund?

Ans:- If you qualify for NSFAS based on the means test, you can receive support for a maximum of five years, depending on annual funding availability.

Q9) How will I know if NSFAS will fund me?

Ans:- You can track your NSFAS application status through the MYNSFAS portal by logging in and checking the “track funding progress” link.


NSFAS is a valuable resource for South African students from low-income families, offering financial support for tuition fees, housing, and other academic expenses. The duration of NSFAS funding varies depending on your academic level and available funds, but it’s important to adhere to academic requirements to maintain eligibility. Additionally, there are consequences for not repaying NSFAS loans, so it’s crucial to stay informed about your funding status.

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